Consumer, Refund? ​​A strange relational vessel…

C-Refund is wave riding an information super highway straight into the glitch, within coded-system of personal and collective fragmentations - producing rhythmic alchemy through a power-game with modern machine, circling in re-turn to receive digi-blessings from ancient source wisdom.

.thank you, thank you, thank you.

At home in the liminal spaces of post-digital-era and re-sourced out of anonymous, private exchanges over internet dream-archive,

C-Refund is for expansion of interiority

through offering reflection, representing (intra)subjective dimensions as diverse, multi-layered, abstract; reflecting shadows of dark and light, shimmering on digital-cave-walls in technicolor.

In a world where the surface is fetishised for it's simplicity and plasticity - for it's fixed and unchanging nature - C-R plays it oddly complex with mutli-surface as smoke-screen.

What's going on?
Can you see it? Or are we just dancing on the edge of your Gaze? Stop making sense!

Driven forward by the liminality of Being; punchy, beat-held-and-driven electro architectures, evolve in-out -

Field recordings, samples, acoustic instruments, and voices arising from within machines echo pop - fluid vs not-fluid - narrative journeys, static percussive elements, envelope subtle or fleshy frequencies.

Descend into industrial-rituals, deep within waxy and humid ecosystem of a tropical jungle at midnight.

C-Refund psychic images honour resistance as our ultimate creative instigator: transcendental conflicts.

The sickness is the medicine and everything known to be is upside down and inside out.


Sarah Martinus is a socio-cultural activist*/healer, weaving, alongside you, in (re)building future-circle-culture based on deep respect to ancient care-practices, which includes reflections into environment, psyche and the psychic, through artistic research-led practice, sound, sensation, abstract image, rhizomatic ceremony and multimedia live-arts.


Sarah's praxis