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I was on a quest.
But I wasn’t just me, I was three sisters all at once.
The sisters’ father had recently died, and left them a legacy, which they knew they had to fulfil.
The father had left only one mens suit jacket with some contents still in the pockets.

It was like a fairytale story, a part of the quest being: We had to figure out what the clues in the pocket meant. Each sister would try at a task and each sister would fail.
First of all the littlest sister was the contestant.

She was unable to understand the curiosities within the pocket. She rushed around and gorged herself at a big table with nicest style food. She ate the wrong cookie, a poison cookie, not realising until it was too late. She has failed. She slowly faded away until she didn’t exist anymore.

We were down to two. When the little sister failed it became the next sisters in lines turn: the middle sister. She and the oldest sister went to a particular location, a witches house or demonic ground,

which was enchanted. We were driven there down a narrow street by our mother, who seemed not fussed that one of our sisters had vanished. She seemed to expect it.
We could fly, so we got out of the car and flew over the tall, vine-gnarled fence. There were no instructions about what to do in the 'demon house', all we had was our Father’s jacket, and the little round objects and compasses he had left us which were in the pockets. Inside the witches house was a diverse never-ending wasteland,

an apocalypse world, (a mirage?) Or an old ruin. Misty air hung over dry, cracked and sparse earth, dead trees lingered, no sign of life was evident. Looking around, the realisation crept over us… we had been tricked! We have to leave as soon as possible!

What we are looking for wasn’t here at all! We had been tricked by some evil spirit or Witch. As we turn and see the pathway out of the clearing, and back to safety, the walls start to close in on us. Suddenly dead looking vines spring to some

Kind of half-life, closing in on the only pathway out. We scramble towards the exit, passing, scrambling through the clutching vines and towards a broken window which lets in a tiny diagonal shard of dusty light.

The vine plant are alive, they were merely dormant…. but now they are wrapping itself around our bodies, with large tentacle like leaves… gripping us, strangling us.

My sister yells: 'Get the knife! Cut yourself free!' I grapple for my knife and start violently hacking myself free from the fleshy tentacles, those large thick long meaty plant leaves. Protecting my sister, I cut and trash and cut again, sinking my knife deep into each spiralling tentacle, spilling plant blood mingling with my own, sweat and tears and screams.
We pry ourselves free. We run out of the house and reach the pavement, and shout to our mother,

"It was all a trap, we don’t know what is real anymore!” as we cross the road to mums car, I look behind me, and my last sister is faint, disappearing before my eyes! I try to grab her and hold her, but she’s not material any more, disappearing right from my hands, like sand falling through my desperate fingers. I scream in shock and in pain, and turn to my mum, for answers, for help. She blankly stares back. She doesn’t look surprised, or sad, she looks as if she understands something. She looks as if she knew it was going to happen all along.

My mother turns to me and says, “I knew you were destined to the jacket all along, you are the true one to carry on your dads quest.”
I cant understand, why, why, me? Why did she have to just sit and watch while the other two sisters died? Why couldn't I save them, even after I cut my sister free from the terrible plants, how did she just disintegrate in my hands? I look down at my hands, theres only signs of fighting on them, turned white bloodless knuckles, from holding my knife.